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Maumee Tireman

532 Illinois Ave.
Maumee, OH  43537
(419) 893-7242
Aaron S.
Always a great experience. Been going here for years.

Bill C.
100% Satisfied. An excellent job, as usual. You guys are the best!

Gary H.
I had experienced a blowout on my RV over the weekend. When I got back home I contacted Michelin about the tire and they sent me over to the Maumee Tireman where I made contact with Mike Kovacs. Mike contacted Michelin and handled the recall for me. Mike also advocated on my behalf to try to get restitution for the tire I had to buy out on the road. Although he was unsuccessful I appreciated his efforts. All too often you only hear from a customer when he/she is dissatisfied. I am happy to say this is not the case and I feel Mike should be recognized for his professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile to help a customer.

Harold U.
I was in last Friday needed a new set of tires on an old pick up...2003 Tundra. I knew the tires I guys got them and scheduled for 8:00 Monday morning. I got there early, no big deal.....hell believe I was still asleep. Staff got me in when they could, performed the work as I wanted, I knew I had either a wheel cylinder leak or a rear axle seal leak. Thanks for identifying the problem. Since I call the vehicle "my project truck" which means ....I can and will wrench on just about anything this ole thing throws at me ...I chose to perform the work myself. Your staff suggested a wheel should always have one with new tires, especially on an old truck. You guys did the work. When I left your place .....I could NOT believe the difference in the ride, the handling and the smoothness of this old truck! Just wanted to drop a note and say hey..... Your staff did a great job, not only with me but with "other people" waiting for service. Thanks again...and will continue to use and suggest your business!

Kathy M.
just wanted to let you know that the service provided by the Maumee location was very good. In fact I have scheduled more work on another vehicle for next week. Thanks for comping the oil change.

I am 100% happy with all the work this location performs on my cars, and have been since you bought the operations from The Andersons. They always have time for me and the courtesy car (I only live 3 miles away) is a huge benefit. Andy and the crew always explain things and I feel as though they are advisors and not salesmen. Just thought I would tell my story to break up any negative feedback you receive. Many thanks, Tom 1013 Village Trail, Maumee

Rachel W.
Everything was great and the guys were super helpful and they replaced my tire but the only thing is, they didn't fill my new tire up all of the way. My max psi is 44 and all of my other tires are at 42 and they only filled it to 30. Other than that everything was great, especially the customer service and the guy at the front desk who helped me out. They said I needed new rear brakes and rotors but wanted $350 and my mechanic said I still have life left on my brakes and rotors and they will only charge $275 out of the door as well. Still a great experience and glad my tires are fixed.

Mike D.
Fast service

Kerwin E.
I want to commend the staff at the 532 Illinois Store. Specifically, Corey Melchert, Retail Sales Mgr. I am from Brentwood, TN (traveling this week Ft Wayne, Ann Arbor, Columbus and Grand Rapids) and already had plans to replace my tires when I returned home from this current business trip. On I-475 I realized I had a problem and a bulge had developed on my right rear tire. I quickly asked SIRI for a "tire center near me" - and thankfully this one popped up. I was met with a loud greeting and a "may I help you" - and did he ever. Corey searched to find the tires I wanted - couldn't find them anywhere in Toledo. Found them online but would have arrived next day. He shared an option with me - that by all reviews is a better option and a bit cheaper price (I was looking for aggressive AT tires for my Chevy 2500 HD.) Anyway - he quoted the price at 4:45 and said he could have me back on the road by 6:00 p.m. - they did not miss by much. Wow - what service - what friendliness - what a price - what an appreciation of a stranded Customer's needs. Corey and the whole staff is to be commended and I only wish there were TIREMAN stores in the Nashville area. Kerwin Everson

Hannah L.
Always excellent service and friendly staff. We love Maumee tireman!

Emily L.
I left work around 6:30pm after working 13+ hours and saw I had a flat tire. I had a spare but didn't know how to change it. I went to Tireman just as they were closing and the gentleman at the counter (Art) was kind enough to help me. I just can't express how much I appreciated his willingness to help me. Thank you Art and thank you to the employee that changed my tire!

Stephanie D.
I just want to say that the guys working at this location were absolutely wonderful. They took care of my Dodge Durango faster than I could have anticipated. Also they helped me get my car back the same day by giving me a break on the cost. I can not say how grateful I am for their service. I am beyond satisfied and I just want to thank all who assisted me!

Barry H.

mark s.
I recently had my wife's car service at the Maumee store. Chris Tatiss was working the counter. He was very helpful and courteous. Please let him know I was very happy when I left, and will continue doing business with your Maumee location. Thank you, Mark Stengle.

Andrew G.
The service was fine and completed quickly. My only suggestion is that you shouldn't have web reservations available if the store manager tells the customer upon arriving at the appointment that they shouldn't use the web reservations as they are not accurate. I was told that they are normally booked for Saturday by Wednesday and that I was lucky that they were not as busy as normal. If you offer web reservations, make sure that the availability portrayed is accurate.


Chris C.
Monday, was in a “tight schedule” to get a tire repaired for my son. Having been a long time dedicated customer(did not use my commitment to expedite the service!!), but expressed my “wish list” to get this accomplished. AND, AS ALWAYS your Dedicated Team accomplished the task. Have been going to Tireman for a “long time”. Your Team is Outstanding!! VERY Professional, treat the Customer like a King(IE. Queen to be appropriate), have been ALWAYS helpful, working with great attitudes, and at the end of the day doing what is best for the customer!! This note will not even come close to adequately expressing my sincere “Thanks” for their accomplishments on Monday and for that matter over the years. This is why will continue to make Tireman my priority with car repairs/maintenance. And, quite candidly, TRUST all your people. Have the privilege to travel the country so am able to compare people to other parts of the U.S. Will put your Team up against anyone in the U.S. Their sense of urgency, doing the job efficiently and taking care of the customer is second to none! Lastly, when you acknowledge people at the store, there will, be not by design, someone that might be missed…Art, Tim, Chris, Andy, Chad and Amy seem to be whom I deal with the most---and to anyone missed on the counter, am sorry for the faux pas!! THANKS for having such a dependable, trust worthy, efficient, and fun group of people to work with!

James G.
To whom it may concern, I would like to thank your team at your Maumee Tireman. My daughters car was towed to the location late Friday afternoon. Late on a Friday afternoon we did not anticipate there would be any way it would get looked at, let alone repaired. I know there were a minimum of three of your employees involved, the service manager, the technician and Amy. I now live in eastern Pennsylvania, and it is a challenge keeping her car on the road from long distance. I only spoke with Amy, she was very pleasant, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. The battery was changed, electric system checked and ready to go by 6 pm. This is not the first time that your team has assisted my daughters. I apologize I cannot remember his name, however, the service manager has been very involved ensuring excellent service each occasion. I am originally from the area and have used tire mans services from time to time, however, with the distance, it is a good feeling to know we can turn to a proven and trusted business team. Please pass along my thanks to your team. Jim

Bob C.
Tire warranty! I purchased my first ever warranty for a set of time at Tireman’s Maumee location. As you know warranties are only good if you need them. And then and only then will you find out how good the warranty is. I was able to get my car to their location without having to change the tire. It was low on air by the time I arrived there. When the car was finished, I was told that the tire was unfixable. They installed a new tire, no you drove it under inflated, no questions at all. Just we replaced it. No extra charges for anything like shop equipment ect. You couldn’t ask for a better warranty, fast replacement with no problems. All I needed to do was to sign that I received the replacement tire. Thanks to Chris for recommending the warranty at time of purchases. Good job guys!

ralph p.
I have commented on your maumee facility before, but once again, I feel the need to point out the quality of the service I continue to receive at this location. Special thanks to Chris up front. Also to the front-end alignment guy, (sorry, didnt get his name). I will continue to recommend this location to my many family members, and friends.

Burr P.
Today was the first time I ever visited a Tireman Store. We had a trailer tire that had gone flat. I removed it at my brother's because it had been dropped there after the tire went flat.I took it to The Tireman in Maumee, next to The Anderson's. I met Andy, who was friendly, asked how he could help me. He checked, said he had the tire in stock and I could stop back in about 45 minutes. We shopped at The Anderson's for a while and then returned to pick it up. This time I met Amy. The desk, although very busy, was smooth, and efficiently running. Amy is extremely knowledgable as she was answering customer questions as well as other employee questions. She remained comfortable, confident, with absolutely no arrogance, just plain "smarts" as to what she was doing. It was multi-tasking at its best. She was a true Ambassador for The Tireman. Her efficiency and pleasant professional mannerism was remarkable. She is exactly who you want/need at a busy desk like that. I would like to thank Amy, Andy, and the rest of your competent capable multi-tasking employees. They certainly excel in customser service and their professional, competent, and effective manner will be bringing me back. Thank you.

Julia S.
HUGE kudos to Dan (manager) for fitting in my daughter's SUV on a SUNDAY and making everything right. We have always bought our tires at Tireman but he has earned our devotion yet again!!!

Therese W.
On June 11, 2013. We were on our way down south in our class C motorhome when an inside tire blew. We found a Tireman on the web not too far away. It was 6:45 P.M. and it was to close at 7:00. Your employee, Matt Hammer, was a blessing to us. He changed the tire that was blown and changed the valves on the remaining tires to make sure we would not have any more problems. He was there until almost 7:00 and never once looked at his watch or try to hurry us out. He was so pleasant and informative, despite the heat and the time. Thank you and your company for employing such a dedicated and conscientious young man.

JoAnne V.
I dreaded getting new tires, all the different kinds, i had no idea what kind to buy. It was so easy walking into your store. Thank you for your wonderful help and service!

Steve W.
I wanted to pass along that I have been very impresed by the professionalism and honesty of this location. My most recent visit I was working with Chris Theiss. He was very detailed in his expanation of my problem and immediately took care of it. As I have been a long time customer they did not even charge me for a tire repair. I have always been satisfied with all the group at the Maumee facility and have always felt they were giving me a fair and honest assessment of what I needed done without trying to talk me into extra services. Kudos to Chris and all the group as they represent your company very well.

Kevin R.
Tireman located in Maumee provided me excellent service and I would highly recommend to others. Not only were the repairs to my vehicle performed in a timely manner, the staff and mechanics were extremely friendly, understanding and knowledgable. They truly know good customer service!

Jack H.
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the auto service care and attention that I receive at your Maumee, Ohio location. I have been a Tireman customer for many years and I can tell you that the customer service attention I receive from Art Schyllander is clearly outstanding. He is honest, accurate, caring and always makes you feel welcome. He knows that customer satisfaction drives the business and understands that the public has many choices when it comes to auto service providers. Please extend my sincere thanks to Art and all the other fine personnel located at the Maumee location.


Woodville Tireman

3725 Williston Rd.
Northwood, OH  43619
(419) 698-1863
Stacey H.
I want to commend the Woodville Road store. They fixed a major mess up that was made by the Monroe St store. They took the time to come up with a plan of action before starting work on my vehicle. They only took about an hour and a half compared to the almost 2 hours we spent at the Monroe store. I will be returning to these gentlemen when it is time for me to put another set of tires on my vehicle.

J N.
Just received excellent customer service at your Woodville Road Tireman! Sadly good customer service is overlooked at many businesses so it's worth mentioning when someone goes out of the way to make sure you are a happy customer! Didn't get the employees name...but bald guy with bright blue eyes, he deserves a gold star!!!

Rob F.
Good price. Brakes don't squeak now.


Sylvania Tireman

5832 Monroe St.
Sylvania, OH  43560
(419) 882-8984
Hello to whom this finds, In the past I have always brought my vehicles along with the other vehicles I work on I typically have Tireman finish up. I no longer have my contact at Tireman so looking to find an updated quote for the items below, as I have a vehicle that will need most of this below ASAP. I have another that needs similar items but I do not believe it needs all. I see there are a lot of coupons and deals going, let me know if the quote that will be provided is with any discounts/deals or if it is your standard pricing that I will be quoted. Appreciate the time and look forward to hopefully having these vehicles in your higher quality shop. Also, please include any recommendations along with if any of these you believe is not needed please advise, thank you. 100k Mile Maintenance - Coolant - Oil & Oil Filter - Washer Fluid - Power Steering Fluid - Transmission Fluid - Radiator Flush - Fuel Injector Cleaner - Clean Battery Connections - Clean Air Conditioner Condenser - PCV Valve Change - Fuel Filter - Air Filter - Timing Belt - Spark Plug - Distributor Cap and Rotor - Rear Axle Lubricant - Rotate Tires - Tire Pressure Thank You, Murrad A. Kabarday (419) 708-2471

Rex F.
Steve Sledz hooked me up with some awesome tires at a great price. Service was great and done when promised. Great ride and traction on the tires. Thanks Steve

Ray T.
Cliff and team at the Sylvania store exceeded my expectations. I was stranded at the store after learning that my flat tire / car needed more extensive repairs and required a part. U fortune steely it was too late and needed to be done in the morning. I live in Michigan and had a very important meeting the following day....and needed to get home. The only cost effective way was to rent a car. The only location that was open was located at the airport. Without blinking an eye cliff offered to give me a ride to the airport (which was out of his way) and agreed to hold my car as long as necessary until I could mKe a return trip to Toledo. The repairs were done timely and a reasonable cost. Thank you Cliff and team!!

Brian W.
Thank you to every one at the King rd/ Central ave. location. The guys there went above and beyond to make sure my vehicle was taken care of. They did a fantastic job. I will be back and recommend them to everyone i know.

Ruth F.
Recently I had my car worked on by a friend, and I told him there was a vibration in the car when I would hit 50 mph or higher as I drove. The suspension checked out, so he told me I probably had a bad tire and should just purchase a new set. There are lots of choices in town about where to purchase tires, and money is tight for us, but I decided to call the Tire Man on Monroe Street in Sylvania, where my cars have been for service several times over the years. On the telephione I spoke with Tony Stone, who helped me decide which tires to purchase for my 2008 Honda CR-V, and he answered all of my questions and made the price so in line with the discount places and then some, I made an appointment there and then to bring the car in the next day. It was nice to meet Tony after speaking with him on the phone; good continuity of care. Tony went out to look at the tires to confirnm the size on the car currently, and then came back with the question, "Who told you you needed new tires?" I told him the story, and he shook his head, telling me those tires had a good 40,000 miles left on them, and that he was not going to sell me tires I didn't need. He asked if he could check the situation out and see what was happening, and I said yes. When I returned an hour later, I was given the good news that the tires were fine. The technician drew me a diagram of a tire and explained how a tire is balanced and educated me about what happens when someone (who did not know what he was doing)put several weights in various places on the tires, causing the vibration I'd been feeling. The tires were adjusted, aligned, balanced and rotated, yet me receipt showed a balance due of $0. This is a fairly new car for me, and I had never had it into Tireman before. Because I insisted, I was allowed to pay only $21.35 for the balancing. The car rides smoothly now, and the nice thing is, the next day when I mentioned this to my coworkers, I got knowing nods from them; they'd heard good reports about the Tireman themselves. Excellent! Thank-you so, so much! I am going to "like" The Tireman when I am next on Facebook.

Dawn M.
I had the absolute best service at this Tireman location thanks to a gentleman named Gerry. My car was starting to become noncompliant and wouldn't pass the 15 MPH mark. Gerry listened intently as I described my problem and even added a bit of humor (which was much needed) to this stressful situation. He made my day and has guaranteed my business with this Tireman location!

Rita S.
Very busy but always courteous service. I and two other ladies remarked how kind they were while we watched them from the waiting area.


Alexis Tireman

222 West Alexis Rd.
Toledo, OH  43612
(419) 476-7121
I purchased a new tire today and asked the service man to include the stats on my tires(i.e.) the tread remaining on the tire in question since I have a policy for replacement of that tire. I.E. how much tread was on the tire when I picked up the screw in it. Please e-mail info so I can file my claim. Thank you.

Kayla V.
My name is Scott. I sent my girlfriend Kayla in there because she cracked her rim. Both Todd who I originally spoke with, and Matt were extremely helpful. She was frustrated by the situation, and was afraid she might get taken advantage of, but they stayed patient with her and tried to get the price down for her after she also had to replace the tire. They were both extremely friendly and working in the customer service industry, I know that unfortunately you don't always get that. I also know people usually leave negative feedback, but rarely positive, so please tell them thanks for creating such a great experience.

Amanda S.
I recently took my car in for an alignment and had other issues going on with it as well (caused by another tire shop). Cliff took the time to check out the problem, ACCURATELY identify it, and fixed it in a timely manner at a more than fair price. I truly do appreciate his professionalism and his work ethic. I am from Columbus and I can say that if anything needs done in the future, I am coming back up to Toledo to get it fixed because I know it will be done correctly and I will not be wasting my money or time. Thanks again, *Cliff*

Charles M.
I recently purchase tires and there were a problems with size and discoloring, but I am happy to say thank you for resolving these issues in a prompt and professional manner. I have no problem sending people in need of ties and services to your business. Founder of Addictions Transitions Recovery LLC.Manzana

Janet S.
Love this place!!!! Stopped to have them put air in my tires and he accidentally broke off valve stem and they fixed at NO charge!!!!! Each time I have been there everyone has been awesome!!!!!

Janet S.
Love this place!!!! Stopped to have them put air in my tires and he accidentally broke off valve stem and they fixed at NO charge!!!!! Each time I have been there everyone has been awesome!!!!!

Ryan D.
I always use Tireman for my auto repairs and new tires and you have always been a company I can trust! I am wondering if you would be interested in an opportunity to sponsor the Toledo Cherokee Youth Hockey team for the upcoming season. We are having a fundraising golf outing to help pay for ice time, uniforms, and tournaments. You can sponsor a hole advertising Tireman for only $100 or donate a gift card or product donation that will be used in our raffle. The golf outing is at South Toledo Golf Course on September 17, 2016. Please let me know if you would be interested in giving back to the community and helping out this youth hockey team. Thank you for your consideration. We are a non-profit organization.

James A.
3132683169 I was very impressed by the two Tireman employees I worked with One desk representative & Alignment technicians I worked with: 1)Justin Schiavone 2)Just Zhender Specifically being a technician for Detroit Edison power plant's for 30+ years I'm very sceptical regarding cer maintenance personnel and thought I understood my car/tire problem but I was wrong and the previously named Tireman employees patiently guided me to the actual problem. In turn, my Tireman experience was very satisfying comparing to all my other previous car maintenance encounters at other (non Tireman)facilities. Sincerely, James Alexander

Janet W.
I arrived at the store at 7:49 am and at 8:56am I walked out the door not only with an oil change but also two additional services for only 10 dollars more! I am one happy customer and will certainly make another appt and return.

I wanted to take a minute and thank Eric Heinze and his manager and crew for creating a great customer, continuing, bond. I been coming to Tireman for years at various locations in Toledo and Eric's store continues this fine tradition of making the customer feel confident we are making the best decisions dollar wise and safety wise. I left the store feeling my money was well spent and they actually had my best interests at heart. They could have conned me but gave me real honest answers that was best for me, my auto, safety and dollars spent. Special thanks to all of them and I'll be back for sure. I'll be sure to mention Tireman when anyone asks my opinion on where an "Honest" auto parts/service store is.

Mike C.
Hi, I am looking to replace all four front ball joints on my 2008 F150. Was wondering what the cost would be. I got an estimate in Nov but have misplaced it.

Mary S.
They were great with my autistic son and saved my day!

Irina Z.

sam p.
I was having a little vibration in my front end, thought I would have it fixed before driving to Georgia. Had an oil change, wheel rotation and balanced all four tires. All the way down and back had the same vibration. Consequently, I'm not truly satisfied with the service.

Keith E.
I've taken my cars to various Tireman locations on several occasions and have always had good experiences. Today just reinforces why I keep going back. The battery light in my car came on this morning on my way to work. I was expecting a new alternator as I'd just put a new battery in last summer. I told them about the newer battery when I dropped the car off. They could've fleeced me for a new alternator, but they didn't. Autozone replaced the battery under the warranty at no charge and delivered it to the location. The total bill? $14.97 to check the charging system and replace the battery. On top of that, I was there before business hours. A couple of employees were there already, scrubbing the floor. I started with the night deposit process when one of them saw me and invited me in and got me checked in. They could've ignored me but they didn't. With so many companies increasingly providing customer NOservice, it's nice to find a company that still does it right.

Shannon J.
The staff was very courteous but when one of the workers was rotating my tires the pressure gauge (the thing that tells you when your tires are low; sorry not sure of the actual name) broke which cost me another $40. I understand things happen but was a little frustrated that I only received $10 off. I was treated with much respect but feel I should have received more off my bill. I only receive oil changes from your location and am generally 100% satisfied and wasn't this time. Thank you for your time.

Amy C.
Was very satisfied because Your sales team was not high pressured at all. I just went in with the intention of replacing one tire and he recommended that I replace another one because it was bald. But he was not high pressure at all.. Didn't talk down to me or tell me I had to do it today...felt very comfortable... So pleased!!!

Elizabeth C.
Always have the best service, always very honest and they take time to explain and suggest what needs to be done to fix my car.

Mark E.
Can I please speak with someone about purchasing gift cards in bulk and scrip fundraising?

kay c.
Hi just like to say great service this morning and every time I have been in.

Steven D.
just a note to say thanks for the excellent service I receive two weeks ago. While traveling to Norwalk Ohio, my 2008 Grand Prix experienced a drivers side front tire failure due to road debris. After changing tires, I was able to drive to your location on Alexis road at 745 AM. Your staff ha me back on the road within 40 minutes. Hospitality was first rate, as this was shortly after the Toledo drinking water crisis. Thanks once again!

david s.

Austin R.
VEry good service and honesty is key!

Jonathan K.
I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service that Randy (I think that was his name) and Fred at your Tireman location on Alexis road in Toledo. I first Talked to Fred and got a quote for tires and made an appointment to get them put on. When I got to the store Fred was off so Randy helped me and I went off on other errands... he calle dme and let me know that there were some other issues, a bad ball joint and the shocks were bad so I told him to go ahead and fix them. this was on New Years eve and I got the my Ford Explorer back and it was making some noise in the front end... Long story short it was in a couple of time until the figured out what was wrong but they fixed it! I am a happy customer and I will be back in the future! Thank You!

Kelly L.
As a customer of Tireman, I have purchase tires and other automotive services and repairs over the last 10 years. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about your Alexis Road Tireman. While I (and my children) was driving down Alexis Road on October 29th about 6:25pm, I was unfortunately was a victim of debris in the road, and my tire was damage. To sum up my story I was one of nine cars that had to pull into the driveway of the Barneys on Alexis and Detroit Ave to change a tire. As I was waiting for my husband to come change my tire, I called your Alexis Road store. Gerry answered the phone, I explained to him what had happened and his comment to me was “BRING YOUR CAR DOWN AND I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!” I asked if the store was opened until 8pm and he said “no we close at 7pm, but don’t worry about that, just bring your car down.” Of course by the time my husband arrived and changed my tire to the spare, it was just a few minutes after 7. I told my husband that I was going to still go down and see if they were there. When I arrived at the Alexis Road Store the lights were still on and Gerry and his crew was there waiting for me, it had to have been about 7:15pm. As I walked into the store I was greeted with a smile and an attitude as to say “I told you I was going to wait.” The guys pulled my vehicle in to the shop and took care of my tire and my family. What makes this store even better, another customer, who had had the same issue on Alexis road, that same night pulled in after me (Around 7:30). Gerry and his guys did not even hesitate to take care of that customer too. THANK YOU TO GERRY AND THE TEAM AT THE ALEXIS ROAD STORE!


Franklin Park Tireman

5022 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH  43623
(419) 475-4671
Linda E.

Lori S.
I have bought tires here for years. Why? Because everyone there is courteous and helpful. they try to give you the best service and the best tire for your budget. Recently l had a problem with a rental car (bent rim from a pothole) and Greg went out of his way to help find me a price even though there was no guarantee the rental agency would even use Tireman when l took it back to them.

Michael T.
Very knowledgeable staff with quick great service.

Dale P.
Question: I have a coupon for an oil change for $16.98. Does this apply to my 2012 Dodge Journey?

larry w.

Chuck was VERY professional,and did exactly what he quoted and then some.They fix the problem and fixed other issues that I didn't even ask them to fix. I have owned my own business for 35 years--- Chuck is the kind employee I am proud to have ! thanks guys for the great service ! I WILL BE BACK !

Tiffany W.
Always very friendly, helpful, and honest at the front desk. The work done is fast and the boys in the garage did a perfect job. I won't go anywhere else.

Thomas R.
I had emailed Tireman Franklin Park and the next day I received a call from Isaac Lagter. He had pointed out that I accidently chosen a summer only tire and then proceeded to assist me in picking out the proper tire that would suit environment and work well with my other tires. He understood I had other obligations during the day and set me up with another location which would allow me to purchase the tire before work the same day. I found Isaac extremely helpful and friendly. He went beyond what I would expect from a auto center mechanic and should be recognized as an asset to the company.

james f.
Matt belford and Isaac lagger jerry Holman great guys to deal with and great personality's I'm a mechanic and I bring my own cars here so if that tells u anything these guys no their stuff

Christopher S.
I had a bad experience with Tireman within the last year. Dave (customer service) got involved in the situation and the work that was done was still failing. I called and spoke with Matt Belford, Matt suggested I bring my truck in Tues AM. Matt took care of me and fixed what was incorrectly completed free of charge nor tried to up sell me. Matt and his Staff are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I appreciate this treatment and will return. Matt was very busy this AM and as I listened him handle every customer he showed 100% professionalism and kept customers updated on their status. Great Job Matt Belford.

Tate S.
Your Monroe st store across from the mall is excellent! I've had several car issues over the past few weeks and they've been more than professional and more than helpful each time. I can honestly say after several poor experiences at the central ave store, the guys on Monroe have turned me back into a regular tireman customer. I drive a junker for my personal business and I have full confidence that these guys can help me keep this car on the road for years to come. Not only does that save me money, it also saves me time. Couldn't be happier with the service today and couldn't be happier with the price! Special thanks to all the guys at Monroe st and David in corporate.

Dirk V.
I wanted to tell you what a great experience my daughter and wife had at your Monroe Tallmadge store on Monday morning. My daughter had a flat tire the day before and scheduled an appointment for Monday morning…They fit her right in as she had to get to Cincinnati for an internship that started Tuesday. Your staff was friendly, professional, informative (it’s an old car and didn’t need top of the line…) and just an overall delight to work with.

Cheryl P.
I brought my car in to have one tire (rim leak) repaired. The technician took it upon himself to clean up the other three wheels at no charge. He did this to make sure that I didn't have any other problems. He could have just fixed the one that was currently leaking. That's above and beyond the call of duty!

Teri S.
My tire had a nail in it this past Wednesday (Nov 28th) My husband and I drove up to Tireman at 6:40p that night. I asked if the tire could be fixed before closing and he hesitated at first because it was almost closing. One of the guys had something he had to do and he wasn't sure if the other guy could stay over. He said he would ask. The guy said he could stay to fix my tire. I would have had to call AAA in the morning because my husband leaves at 5a for work and wouldn't be there to put air in it for me so I could get to Tireman. What I appreciated is they fixed it and treated me as if I was there at 7am. Who would have known they had worked 12 hours. They treated me as if I was there first customer of the day even though I know they must have been tired and really wanted to get home for the day. I debated over a year ago when I was purchasing four new tires on where to go. We decided upon Tireman and so glad we did. Excellent customer service then when getting the four tires and this past week when I had nail in my tire. Robert was the guy at the desk and I'm not sure of the guy who actually fixed it. Please thank them for a great job!!

Joseph K.
I stopped in to get my tires rotated, when the service staff informed me that I had a bad tie rod and two bad tires. The salesman showed me the damage, unfornately not having the money to cover this expense at this time, I asked them to just rotate the tires. The salesmen did not want to rotate the tires because it would ruin the good tires, he went and got his manager who explained to me that the car is dangerous to drive. I told them that I just don't have the money right now, just rotate the tires. The manager went to his manager and they said that they would tow the car to my house at their expense. That finally got my attention. They were able to work out a deal that I could afford at this time to get the ball joint fixed and I will be back to get the tires this friday. I would like to thank you for having dedicate team (Robert, Greg and another team member) that is committed to customer safety and satisfaction, also the team member-mechanic who did the repairs,the car drives great! I have bought at least 6 sets of tires from Tireman over the years and will continue to do and recommend business to Tireman. Thank you, Joseph K...

Bill M.
Just a quick note to say how satisfied I am. I have been going to this Tireman location for years. And have always walked away happy with the service I was given. This is the first time that I noticed that I could leave a comment. Or you would have heard from me before. Rob was great.


Central Tireman

2779 West Central
Toledo, OH  43606
(419) 479-7010
Heather R.
I really want to thank your location. I stopped by to ask a question on how to fill my tires, as my air pressure sensor had gone off showing a low pressure in one of my tires. Your employee, Carl took a few minutes to not only check and fill the tire pressure in all of my tires, but he showed me how to do this as well. Not many people in this day and age would take that 5-6 minutes to not only teach that but to see that they were also properly inflated. When I need tires next, I will return to your location. Thank you Carl!!

Brad S.
May 12, I was on my way from Lima Ohio heading to the Detroit Airport with my girl friend and her daughter who had never flown. We were flying to Los Angeles to pick up my daughter from USC. On the way through Toledo, we got a flat tire. I pulled over to change the tire and after pulling all the luggage from the trunk found that there was no tire, just a system to fill the tire with fix-a-flat and air. I was able to get enough air in the tire and made it to the store on Central Ave. The manager told me that there were 4 or 5 people ahead of me and that it would be approx. an hour. I new we would never make our flight and ask him if I gave him $100 could he help me out and move our car ahead. He recognized I was desperate and made some quick changes to the schedule and moved my car ahead of everyone. The mechanic had my tire changed in 20 minutes and we were on our way. When I tried to give him the money he refused and said that a thank you would be good enough. We ended up making our flight with just a few minutes to spare. I would like to thank Matt Belford and the tire mechanic(I did not get his name) for going over and beyond to help me in a time of need. Sincerely Brad Smith

Dee D.
Many thanks to Brian Layne Tireman employee who stopped to change my tire when I had a blowout. He even told me his store had that particular tire in stock. In times where a lot of people are afraid to help or get involved Brian stepped forward and really helped me out! Thank you Brian!

Janaye T.
I have taken my car to Tireman several times within the past 10 years. I have had great experiences with them and I am a very satisfied customer. They were able to inform me of a major issue with my vehicle and I am thankful for that. Also, their Customer Service is great and when there are problems they are able to resolve them. Thanks Tireman!

Jacob B.

Maggie W.
I would like to thank Dan Lorigan, the manager of your Central Ave. store for his courtious treatment and attitude during my last visit (2/24/14). Due to a large business volume he was not quit able to honor my 9:30 a.m. appt time. He appoligized and comped my bill. I really appreciate Dan's thoughtfulness, he helped make my day! I will reccomend this store location to my friends and family. Thank you Dan!

Nicole F.
This Tireman always has things done right the first time. Thank you Dan!

Priyank K.

John P.
Your Central Ave. shop worked on my Ford F-150. They did an excellant job repairing an electrical-mechanical problem I was having. In the process of doing that work, your mechanic noted an excessive build-up of carbon in the fuel intake area. With my permission, an additive was introduced to the fuel system. Drving home yesterday, I was listening closely to the engine sounds and noted an unusual quiet. Next I noticed that the transmission was not shifting. To make a long story short, the fuel treatment somehow had quieted the shifting noises that were previously present. The truck now runs more quietly and smoothly than ever before. A big thank you to your mechanic!!

Airianna P.
I was very happy. I really need a oil change but didnt have money so the coupon came at the right time. Great place for oil change.

Danny Y.
I had front brakes done and you people do excellent work. Dan Lorigan was very polite and told me I didn't need rear brakes. I give you people a gold star for everything you've done and I'll be back!


Holland Tireman

7171 Orchard Centre Dr.
Holland, OH  43528
(419) 861-1919
Thomas R.
I brought my wife's van in for an oil change and tire rotation that we had a coupon for and I just wanted to check to see if there was an inspection done and if you normally refill all the fluids. I also wanted to say that appreciated how quickly you did get it in and done. Thanks for all your help.

Scott W.
The staff at this location does a great job! On time and very professional!

Bruce G.
Thank you for your recent service to our 2007 Mustang. While at the dealer for a recall, I was told it needed control arms which they already changed 30 k ago. I could find no play, so I brought the car to guys I trust. Replaced a couple tires and checked alignment, you found the front end to be tight. I appreciate your honesty and skilled service folks. I routinely recommend you to friends. Thank you!

Jonathon S.
I normally dont leave comments but I have used Tireman for several years with most of my vehicles. I recently moved and switched to tireman in Holland. I blew a tire over the weekend and dropped my vehicle off this morning before they opened. I called in spoke to Ed. Told him the problem and told him what I had available to spend. I kinda was being cheap and told him to give me the cheapest possible. Ed told me no worries he would get it taken care of. After thinking about it while on hold while he went out to my vehicle to get some info, Ed came back and ran through some pricing. There was no pressure to up sell and switch he was going to give me what I asked for and I appricate that. I did tell Ed I had 190.00 to spend as I was tight on funds this week. Ed said that was plenty and that he could even get me into a little bit better tire. I just want someone to know that this is why I keep coming back to you guys for the things I need. I plan on picking up my vehicle around 6pm today and just wanted to say thanks.

darrel w.
Just wanted to make sure the crew/employees at Holland Ohio tireman get recognition for the great job they do. They have always gone out of the way to help in any way they can with our families auto needs. Keep up the great work Holland Ohio Tireman!!!

Doug M.
Great service. Vibration in rear end, 3 wheels out of balance, all fixed.....NO CHARGE!!!!! Need tires? Check these guys out.

Barbara V.
I have been bringing all three of our vehicles here for about two years now. Always treated in a respectful and friendly manner and have always left feeling good about my experience. So often (as a woman) I have left repair shops feeling demeaned and /or taken advantage of. Ironically, our cars when we purchase from the dealer, usually come with at least one free oil change. I never use them, and always come to Tireman. Sitting here right now, and using your wifi.?? thanks for your interest in my experience..

Kari E.
Great compliments to Tireman for their customer service excellence! Today I bought hubcaps from AutoZone but they could not put them on because of my lug nuts, so they referred me to Tireman, right down the road, for assistance. When I got there I was a little nervous because I was not sure how much it was going to cost because I did not have much money. While speaking to the gentleman at the service desk I began to relax because he was very polite and attentive. He told me he could help me and to pull right into the garage. I asked how much it would cost and he said "I won't charge you." Of course I was very pleased with that! When I pulled into the garage another gentleman assisted me with putting on the hub caps he was also very polite and helpful. He told me I could stay in my car and he put the hubcaps on very quickly. When he finished, he placed my old hubcaps in my car, I put them in the box so that my seat wouldn't get dirty, and therefore got dirt on my hands. He handed me a paper towel, and even waited for me to finish so he could throw it away. I was very impressed and pleased. Thank you Tireman you helped my day! I'll be sure to come to you for my future tire needs.

Kari E.
Great compliments to Tireman for their customer service excellence! Today I bought hubcaps from AutoZone but they could not put them on because of my lug nuts, so they referred me to Tireman, right down the road, for assistance. When I got there I was a little nervous because I was not sure how much it was going to cost because I did not have much money. While speaking to the gentleman at the service desk I began to relax because he was very polite and attentive. He told me he could help me and to pull right into the garage. I asked how much it would cost and he said "I won't charge you." Of course I was very pleased with that! When I pulled into the garage another gentleman assisted me with putting on the hub caps he was also very polite and helpful. He told me I could stay in my car and he put the hubcaps on very quickly. When he finished, he placed my old hubcaps in my car, I put them in the box so that my seat wouldn't get dirty, and therefore got dirt on my hands. He handed me a paper towel, and even waited for me to finish so he could throw it away. I was very impressed and pleased. Thank you Tireman you helped my day! I'll be sure to come to you for my future tire needs.

Jeff D.
I had my car towed to Tireman this morning and by noon Sean, Ed, and the crew had me back in business. They also went above and beyond.....they noticed my front 2 tires were in bad shape and replaced them under warranty of their own accord. What a delightful surprise and super professional of them. Thank you all!

Matt B.
This past Wednesday my family and I were traveling home from visiting relatives in IL when we hit a piece of metal and had a blowout on the OH turnpike. This put us in a very vulnerable situation to say the least. While I was waiting for the tow truck I called around to different tire places in the area. Your shop presented itself the best on the phone and I was told that if I could get there by 6PM, there would be no problem getting my tires changed. When I arrived at your shop, your team treated us very well and offered and honored a local coupon towards my new tires. Shawn and his team stayed late and had us back on the road home by 7:30PM. Good job guys!

Keith E.
I've taken my cars to various Tireman locations on several occasions and have always had good experiences. Today just reinforces why I keep going back. The battery light in my car came on this morning on my way to work. I was expecting a new alternator as I'd just put a new battery in last summer. I told them about the newer battery when I dropped the car off. They could've fleeced me for a new alternator, but they didn't. Autozone replaced the battery under the warranty at no charge and delivered it to the location. The total bill? $14.97 to check the charging system and replace the battery. On top of that, I was there before business hours. A couple of employees were there already, scrubbing the floor. I started with the night deposit process when one of them saw me and invited me in and got me checked in. They could've ignored me but they didn't. With so many companies increasingly providing customer NOservice, it's nice to find a company that still does it right.

Michelle S.
this store did a great job. My truck is running great after the new radiator, belt and oil change they did. They even gave me a few discounts. Thank you.

Michelle T.
guys are very professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. Recommend this shop to everyone who needs vehicle repairs/maintenance.

Sharon P.
This is the only place I go to for repairs, great customer service too.

Joshua G.

corey a.

Stephanie S.

Ray B.
Ed has been servicing our vehicles for ever. His team does a great job.

Tom t.
I call your Holland store on 1/4/14 to get an oil change and tire rotation. They said they were really busy but if we dropped it off they would try to fit it in. We stopped back just before four to see if it was done. They hadn't gotten to it but said we were next. We gave them our credit info so we could pick it up later. When we picked up the car they had given us a free oil change! We just wanted to say THANK YOU! It was a miserable day out and you were pack with jobs. Ive used tireman for years and will continue to do so. Thanks again Tom and Pam.

Donald K.
Yes I scheduled and appointment for tomorrow at 9am I chose the wrong tire, I wanted the multimile tires that were priced at $86.00 a tire, I want the $86.00 tires. Thank You

John W.
Good Morning Dave & Shawn I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to make me a very happy customer of Tireman You did not have to clean my reams for the valve stems on all four wheel to stop them from leaking air. But as proven you will go the extra mile and go above and beyond the call of duty to keep the customer very happy and a returning customer. As Shawn knows I told him that I had a bad ream at the valve steam on one of them and I had another ream to take it's place. After inspecting all 4 reams they all leaked and just need to be cleaned up and they were like new again. Did you have to do this NO, but this tells a person just how much Tireman cares about there customers. As I have told the gentleman Friday the 30 TH. of Aug. at 7:00P.M. about what took place two weeks ago and that C.A.R.S. garage in Wauseon told me that I need a new ream because it was rusty at the valve stem and it leaked air after they put a used tire on it and never cleaned it. This is what makes a Small Business like Tireman stand out above all the rest. The CARE they take in helping the customer and that they see that the job is done right before the car or truck leave the shop. As you years I have had oil changes done at Tireman and my first time that I got tires there. I would personally like to THANK Shawn for going above and beyond in taking care of the customer. Second I would like to THANK Dave for checking out my request on the tires that I thought was cheaper at SEARS but turn out to be more. He also went above and beyond the call of duty in checking things out and calling me. THANK-YOU Tireman for everything you have done to make me a returning customer. It is very hard to find a place that you can say honestly YOU TRUST their work and you can walk out the door feel good about a job will done. By the way I was able to return the ream and get my $53.00 back.

John W.
I know I got my tires and you put them on in excellent order and you went above and beyond your duties in make me a customer.

John M.
I wanted to send a huge kudos out to the Holland, Ohio store at 7171 Orchard Center Dr, for their help this weekend. I was traveling from Columbus to another town and then over to Wauseon, OH and had a blow out on my trailer. When we arrived at the Tireman store it was 1:00am and I left a note in the key drop that it was an emergency and that we were parked in a store parking lot but could not move the trailer safely any further. I saw they opened at 8am, so we tried to catch some sleep before being there at 8am in hopes they would have the needed tire. Turns out at 7:30am, I received a call that they in fact had 1 of the tires I needed and that they could have it done at 8:05am. We dropped off the wheel and blown out tire and they had it done, with a great price, by 8:05am. Turned out someone in the front of house was actually heading to the race we were heading to, so we were able to chat about it and help relieve some stress. In the end, Tireman really came through and saved us a huge headache. I would like to acknowledge them as a real asset to your company. Thank you very much and we now know a great place for trailer tires!

Victor R.
To whom it may concern, On December 13th my daughter who is in college at Bowling Green university went to Holland, Ohio to visit a friend. When she went to return back to campus she felt something was wrong with her car. She call me, her dad and being 4 hours away I was helpless. Her debit card was tapped out and she had no idea how to change a tire. I quickly got on line at work and found your location in Holland was close to her so I called them and spoke to Ed and explained to him or situation. My instructions were that I would pay for the repairs over the phone with my credit card. Now when you have never done business with a company before there is always some apprehension. Mine was that they would tell my daughter that other repairs would be needed to make her vehicle safe to drive. I could not have been further from the truth. The Tireman staff removed a nail from the tire and fixed a seal issue around the bead. Much to my surprise the Tireman Auto Service Centre did this for FREE! I am most grateful to your staff and cannot say enough about the values the organization has. Thank you for your very kind generosity. My daughter is safely on the road back to school and Tireman Auto Service Centers deserves my future business without any apprehension over their quality of workmanship and value. Sincerely, Victor Roth Dover, Ohio


Reynolds Tireman

750 S. Reynolds Rd.
Toledo, OH  43615
(419) 535-3033
Kelly R.
Just wanted to let you know I had one of your wonderful employees paying it forward to me last night...i was at the Lowes store and came out to a flat tire, as I was trying to get my spare tire out from under my trailblazer, your employee, Will from the Reynolds store stopped his car and changed my flat tire with my bald spare tire. Informed me that tour company fixes for FREE, he was very nice to take the extra 30 minutes to help me...

Kelly R.
Just wanted to let you know I had one of your wonderful employees paying it forward to me last night...i was at the Lowes store and came out to a flat tire, as I was trying to get my spare tire out from under my trailblazer, your employee, Will from the Reynolds store stopped his car and changed my flat tire with my bald spare tire. Informed me that tour company fixes for FREE, he was very nice to take the extra 30 minutes to help me...

K K.
Called to ask help about purchasing new tires for my vehicle. Person was very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and gave good advice.

Timothy P.
didnt want to retype all of this so im copy and pasting from my yelp review: Well I just bought a used car monday for a really good deal but it didn't feel safe to drive the 100 miles I needed it for so i first went to midas who treated me like crap then I went to Firestone who tried to upsale me and and wanted to charge crazy amounts ($200 to replace one tie rod) and finally i went to Tireman. The employees were instantly friendly, took me in no problem. Reviewed everything I wasn't comfortable with and even beat the price of my freelance mechanic. After I approved the work I know I needed, they gave me a call and said that one of my tires had metal showing. None of the other places caught that and I knew it needed the tire but figured it would be cheaper to do myself. They only charged me the price of the tire ($70) and my total came to $490 with the tire, an alignment, a ball joint, an inspection, and a tie rod. They also avoided talking down on the other places I visited so they have class as well. I felt my experience was far more personable than anywhere I've ever had service. Oh and they had a full garage and somehow got me in and fully serviced within 2 hours. I told them I had to leave town at 8 and dropped my car off at 3 I figured it would take longer but I was extremely satisfied with how the expedited my service to accommodate my needs. This is an A+ repair shop

Melissa C.
Despite my not having an appointment and the shop being incredibly busy the Friday I brought my car in for repairs, my vehicle was completed the same day I brought it into the store. Chad was very professional and courteous - apologizing several times for making me wait so long even though it was clear they were up to their ears in work and my assurances that the wait was not a problem in the least. His focus on my experience was greatly appreciated and I felt very taken care of that day. Not to mention my car is running better than ever and I have the utmost confidence in bringing my car to this store anytime. The combination of customer service and trustworthy/quality vehicle work means I will always recommend this location - and Chad in particular - to anyone. Thank you for a great experience.

nan b.
I had a very good experience at Tireman on Reynolds Road Tony cappelletti answered all my questions and gave me a brand new set of tires I would really like to thank him good job Tony

Zach H.
I had to replace a flat tire from hitting a pot hole. Tireman was excellent at finding a reasonably priced tire within my budget. Had the tire replaced within 40 minutes including a break inspection and alignment check at no cost. Tireman did not try to sell me any unneeded parts/service. Will return.

Eric B.
Chad and his team did an amazing job taking care of my car and gave me excellent and friendly service. I have been to many Tireman locations in the last few years but the service here had convinced me that this location will be the one that I take my car to from now on.

Charles A.
I have come to this Tireman twice since moving to Airport Highway and have received incredible service both time I have been here

Charles A.
I have come to this Tireman twice since moving to Airport Highway and have received incredible service both time I have been here

Ned C.
I took my VW Bug to have them look at an oil leak. They determined it was just a loose plug and they tightened it and even added some oil. NO CHARGE! Thanks Tireman.

William C.

Reginald T.
Awesome staff and great service! I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Craig B.
I have had both of our cars serviced at your shop in the recent past and only go to you for repairs now. Thank you, Craig B...


Bowling Green Tireman

999 S. Main St.
Bowling Green, OH  43402
(419) 352-5788
Caitlyn D.
The guys here were amazing. I had a bit of a wait but they were clearly getting slammed that day and were always really pleasant with me. They did an amazing job and walked me through everything they needed me to know about their work and even showed it to me on the car itself. I am a young woman and I felt like they were treating me like everyone else and didn't talk down to me. for my wait they offered me some coupons and such and it was a lot less than I was initially anticipating. I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone. It's too bad I live so far away and was only passing through, or I'd come here all the time for all my car maintenance!

Teresa B.
Always a pleasure to work with this store. The employees are always helpful and will explain the issues with your vehicle prior to work being done so the bill is not a total shock. I have brought my cars to them for the last eight years and expect to continue for a long time

Jacob K.
Very helpful

doug j.
very happy would love a phone call.

joyce l.
I was told by other repair shops that my a/c unit was bad and it would cost me between 700and 800 dollars and so i took it to tireman who i take it to for everything else and it was just my belt ! Thank god for these guys being honest and not try to take advantage of a person ! They saved me over 600.00 ! Thank you guys at Bowling green shop you are the best !

Cindy G.
Just wanted to let you know about my GREAT experience at the Bowling Green, OH Tireman store on 11/17/16 - sorry for the delay in getting to this. All of the people that I encountered throughout my visit were professional, easily understandable and very accommodating to me. Everyone was so nice to me, I really appreciated it. Good job to everyone and to management for hiring such good people! Thanks for listening.

Jody R.
I was from out of town on a Friday to visit my children and granddaughter. This shop was very busy (which I attribute to the fact hey must be good) I bought it in late on a Friday. Even tho they were booked on Saturday they took the time between jobs to look at it. It was ready by Monday. They even took a coupon of which I did not expect. Wish there was one around my home in Buffalo, NY

Cynthia G.
I am writing to commend your store in Bowling Green. I arrived on Sat, Aug 22 with a flat tire - from the moment I arrived until the time that I left I was impressed! Impressed with the greeting upon arrival, service for fixing the tire & remounting and the short time that it took to get the job done. This is the first time using this location. I really appreciate the great service and the great employees that are working there. Thank you!

Casey V.
I have received nothing but professional service from BG Tireman for the past two and a half years. They are very friendly, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to help customers. I always recommend them to friends!

chris y.

Kevin M.
We arrived 10 minutes before closing time on a Saturday with a flat tire from the gruesome I-75. We were immediately assisted by Matt and his team, who quickly concluded that a new tire was required. They quickly mounted the new tire and we were on our way in about 20 minutes. Being from out of town (Canada), we appreciated the excellent and prompt service from these individuals. Thank you, Matt and team for going the extra mile (extra kilometre in our case)!

Sam O.
I was returning to Canada on I 75 when my low air tire light came on ....pulled off the road asked a local person for a tire shop and was directed to the Tireman . Matt Isley took my car in located the problem, fixed it, had me back on the road in one hour, and at no charge. What a great and pleasant staff located at Bowling Green Tireman.. Thank the staff for their kindness Sam & Donna Ogilvie

Ganga D.
I just got 3 of my tires replaced at Tireman. Being a student, I was looking for good deals. I was very happy that Tireman in BG were able to price match with the lowest price in town. The customer service was good and everything was neat and tidy. I will switch to Tireman for my oil changes and if there are other services offered at a reasonable cost to students, I will definitely go back. Please continue to offer honest, excellent service.

Rex M.
Good prices with quick and courteous technicians

Kate F.
We got our tires today and we are very pleased! Everyone was friendly and helpful and got us in and out pretty fast. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to all!

Charlene B.
I am a regular customer of Tireman Auto Service in Bowling Green. They are the best when it comes to repairs for my vehicle.

Aaron B.
This Tireman location has amazing service and always has friendly and courteous employees I would recommend this location to anyone looking for great services

Amanda G.
Thank you, Tireman! I want to thank all of you (especially Matt and Brian) for helping to fix my "Bat-Girl-mobile" these past few weeks. I appreciate all of your time, skill, and generosity in your using your mechanic skills to fix my car - it means a lot! I also am very thankful for your generous donations in teh charges (you have no idea how much my bank account loves this!!). Thanks for being honest and I look forward to coming to BG Tireman for all of my car-troubles!

Linda B.
I just had the most positive outcome of an automotive service appointment ever. This was at the Bowling Green Ohio Tireman. They got me in on short notice, diagnosed the problem and fixed it all withing a few hours. The bill was far less than I had expected. Based on previous experience I am certain I would have paid more if I had gone through the dealer. And they didn't make fun of me (which I deserved) when one of the "problems" I was having turned out to be the result of the 4 wheel drive being turned on accidentally. I didn't know Tireman did more than just tires and oil changes. I know now and will continue to bring them my service. Your people there are customer friendly and knowledgeable.

Dave T.
The service was very good and people were nice.That's way i always get my tires from you. Ho and the prices .Thank You Dave

Holly S.
I was just in to have my oil changed, and had an inspection done.

Briee N.
I love Tireman! As a woman, i fell very respected at your location. I do not feel taken advantage of. I feel that your staff across the board are the sweetest men! I appreciate how you all take the time to educate me about my car and how to care for it. My car shifts so smoothly and I love how fast my air and heat fill the car. Thank you for your integrity.

Shannon M.
My daughter, who purchased her first vehicle about six months ago, loves the freedom that owing a car brings, but knows more about playing a saxophone than car related issues. I, on the other hand have owned many vehicles in my time and one of the things I dislike the most is having service done to my cars as I have had poor service on too many occasion to count. Well, my daughter's vehicle had developed a slow leak in one of her tires and she did not know how to handle the issue. She phoned the dealership where she purchased it and made an appointment. At that point I got invovled and made a few phone calls. As you can see from the address in this email, we are in Bowling Green, I had the pleasure to speak to a young gentleman by the name of Matt LeBoutillier, he took the time to listen to me on the phone, asked the right questions of me and booked an appointment at my convenvience. When I arrived with my daughter's car, the store was very clean, I was greeted right away and Matt actually remembered the conversation. He booked the car in, again, asked the necessary questions, and found out the answers that I did not know. He showed me the waiting area, again, very clean and a great place to do a little work while I waited for the car. Matt came and found me when they had determined the issue with the tire, explained to me what the issue was, and let me know that they were almost finished. He once again came and found me when the car was finished. Again, great service, both on the phone and in person, great clean location, GREAT KNOWLEDGEABLE PROFESSIONAL STAFF, and a great experience. The next time either my daughter or I have an issue with our cars I know the first place that we will be calling.

Casey V.
My car was suffering from an engine misfire, and the guys at Tireman were extremely helpful. They got me a great deal on replacement parts and were super nice and informative. I'd definitely take my car back if any future issues occur (which I hope they don't!). Above all, excellent customer service and knowledgeable mechanics.


Perrysburg Tireman

25998 N. Dixie Hwy
Perrysburg, OH  43551
(419) 873-0911
Ross and Ida P.
We ALWAYS take our vehicles to this location. Every person that works there is professional and friendly. They go out of their way to do the best job possible. We left another repair shop several years back and started going to tireman. We do not regret our decision. We will continue using this shop as long as they continue doing what they are doing.

Timothy M.
Had tires installed on my 2002 Villager Saturday. Was wondering if there was any other critical service issues that might be needed for the vehicle that it may need. I had picked up at the end of the day at closing. Service is always great. Thank you

Kim H.
I was satisfied with my service at tireman on march 24, 2017 I will return

Mallory M.
Hello there. I just picked my car up from this location and was a little concerned after looking over the receipt. I had an oil change, tire rotation, and new air filters installed. I handed over the "$20 off an installed retail product of $39.98 or more" and I was only discounted $5. I've been a customer at Tireman for years and have no complaints about the work done or the customer service. I am just wondering if I could have saved an extra $15 or did I misunderstand the coupon? A coworker of mine had the same service done on Wednesday at the same location and she received a full $20 off. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you and have a great day!

Jon R.
I wanted to say Thank you again for being able to fit me into the schedule late yesterday afternoon Without an appointment and with only 30 minutes left in the day. Getting my brake lights fixed so I could get back out on the road and work.

Jon F.
Great experience yesterday. Stopped in for an oil change with no appointment. I was in and out in one hour.

Julie W.
A wonderful group of guys, great customer service, helpful, trustworthy. They care about the customers needs. Just call and make an appointment this location is busy!! That's because they are good at what they do. Not just tires, oil change, inspections and so much more. Wayne has been a great help to our car care needs. Rob takes the time to hear your concerns and explain things.

Timothy M.

Bob P.
Just wanted to let you know how my problem with new tires was handled immediately and professionally by Wayne Perkins of store #14. He restored my confidence in Tireman! Thanks Wayne and the techs @ Perrysburg store!

Marsha K.
I just wanted to send out a big thank you to the Perrysburg team. Casey Walker for your exceptional customer service! I know Jess would have not gotten back to college this weekend in her car if it wasn't for you going over the top to help us. I live in Sylvania and will definitely make the longer trip to Perrysburg Tireman for future service. In fact I already referred a friend to your place yesterday. I also really appreciate that you recognize CedarCreek Church and give a discount to those who attend. Wayne at the front desk is also very helpful. The one thing to improve on is to explain warranties better, I wasn't aware that you do free tire repair and rotations for tires purchased. However, Saturday was super busy and seemed a bit understaffed so that might have been why they didn't have time to explain warranties! Amazing job overall and I am grateful!

Brian A.
I have ben bragging on your Perrysburg team all weekend, Rob was a superstar as was the whole team! I was very impressed , I witnessed and experienced customer service that any company would envy. A woman with a small daughter walked to the Bob Evans and bought cookies and brownies for team Tireman, to show her appreciation, and this is not the holiday season! The atmosphere was positive and professional. Rob took the time to explain the tires I purchased, and when I had another question a couple hours later about the brand I purchased, he said no worries Brian we have a 30 day ride and drive warranty. Tireman came through for me with unreal quick availability, and a fantastic price. But topped off my day with the best customer service in a tire purchasing experience, and I pay very close attention to details on this subject of service. Thanks Tireman!

Chris & Amy F.
Over the last 10 years while living in Perrysburg, I have gradually stopped going to other car dealers and automotive shops, and searching for the best deal because I've learned that all I really need to do is go to Tireman in Perrysburg. The managers always try to get me an appointment immediately, especially if it's a quick oil change or tire change. This sometimes when extra work for the crew trying to fit me in or staying late. Just this past week, 10 minutes before closing, one of the managers allowed me to bring in my car with a punctured tire. When I quickly arrived knowing the shop would be closing, the first employee I saw literally ran out to greet me to start on the work and the rest of the remaining crew huddled around to help. Also, we always get kind, friendly services, thorough explanation of current problems and potential problems, but never pressure in the decision. You search for our warranties and match competitor coupons.Please know your work and team attitude are appreciated.

Deb P.
I had the greatest experience today with the Perrysburg Tireman. My car started to sputter driving on Rte 25 on the way to a seminar I was to attend across the street from Tireman. A light came on in the car and started flashing so I knew it was serious. I made it into the parking lot of Tireman thank goodness and they got my car in, and kindly offered to drive me to the seminar. A kind gentleman drove me there, they fixed my car by noon so I could go to work that afternoon! They have great customer service there. We take both our cars there and they are always fair, helpful and friendly. They were so busy today, but took time for everyone they waited on at the desk. Great job! Please let them know what a good job they do there, from the mechanics to the front desk.

Amanda H.
I want to take a minute out of my day to express my sincere gratitude to the crew at Perrysburg Tireman on 4/26/13. After finding a nail in my tire, my husband who was working called your store. It was 10 minutes before closing time, but they told him if I came right over they would wait for me. Not only did they wait, they fixed my tire quickly, and never once gave me the feeling that they were put out by having to stay a little later to help me out. They laughed and joked with my 8, 7 and 3 yr old kids while we waited. I'm not sure if the crew realized it, but the kids were a little freaked out thinking our tire was going to explode. Their laughing and talking to the kids help to put them at ease. Thanks again guys..awesome job!

Chad G.
Was able to get a quick appointment. Received work in the estimated time that they provided.

Carole Y.
Excellent. Tireman was convenient and they had good service.


King Rd & Central Tireman

3159 King Rd.
Toledo, OH  43617
(419) 842-8473
Kris K.
I've been to this location for oil changes, a new tire and tire repairs. The people who work here are always so friendly and really work hard to get your car done in a time frame that works for you. I've showed up when they were slammed to get a tire repaired and they squeezed it in, saving me a whole lot of trouble. Your efforts are appreciated!

Dawn M.
Your staff members at this location are incredibly accommodating and helpful. They explained all of the diagnostic testing they did and did not patronize me as has happened at other automotive shops. They even brought my car around to the door and had it waiting for me. What great service! The staff at this location is so much better than the abrupt staff that you have at the Monroe St. location. Thank you for excellent service at the King Rd. location!

Rosemary H.
Had some repair work recommended by a service tech. after an oil change. Work done quickly and efficiently. I asked about a rattle in the front of my car that my previous mechanic had laughed off. Had that darned rattle for 3 years. The service tech recommended a fix and the rattle is gone. So Happy!! Best auto mechanics around.

Moe M.
Took my wife's car to Toyota Service Center and they did nothing to solve the issue my wife was having. One of her tires was leaking. We couldn't identify what was causing the leak and all Toyota did was fill it back up with more air. By Monday morning (two days) it was completely flat. I put a donut on and my father in law dropped off the tire. My wife was able to come by during lunch and have the tire ready to be put back onto her car. Tireman was very quick to solve the leak.

David S.
The guys over at King and Central are always great. They are professional and get customers in and out with good communication. The reason this isn't a 5 star review is because they do not take Saturday appointments. However the online scheduling tool allows customers to schedule Saturday times. I even received a confirmation of my Saturday appointment. How is this possible? Seems either like a bait and switch or amateur mistake.

greg z.
I'm 100% thrilled with the service I just received today! I came in because my wife hit a pothole in detroit and bent her rim. The staff was polite and very helpful. My rim was quickly fixed and sadly I didn't get to finish watching the cable TV show in the waiting room. ;) With service this great on a zero dollar transaction, I will definitely be in for other things like oil changes and such when necessary. Many thanks, and please make sure the staff knows that they are appreciated. :)

John H.
I used the online registration to schedule an appt. for this Saturday. I got a call from Steve, that they don't do appts. on Saturdays. Saturday should be taken out of the options for customers to choose.

Janet R.
Great service every time I take my car in, no matter what service they perform. Always friendly and helpful, never pushy sales pitches.

Marcus D.
The Sylvania/King Tireman is always extremely friendly on the phone and in person. This makes all the difference in the world when getting work done on your vehicle. I have had new tires installed and oil changes with all experiences being very pleasant. My wife takes her van there as well with the kids in tow, and they are always prompt to get her in and out. Thanks for the friendly service!

Brian W.
A fantastic job! the staff went above and beyond to make sure my vehicle was taken care of. I will recommend this location to mt friends.

Michaela M.
From the moment I walked in Ryan was very helpful and friendly and had a smile on his face the entire time. I will continue to use this location for any services I need done.

Michael T.

The best customer service in the nation. Each mechanic is knowledgeable, kind and passionate about their job. They try to make sure you re 100% happy when you leave. I was all of the five times I was there. As well as my husband and daughter who I approved.

Dale R.
Every encounter with this store has been a great one. They have bent over backwards to serve my family by taking care of our automotive needs.

Brian F.
Reed and his crew at the King/Central Store have been the best. I have been going to this location since it open and never had any complaints with service and have also exceeded my expectations. Good job King/Central crew and keep up the great work. Brian Fuller

Kyle B.
Hi, I have my car work done often at your shop. Overall I am almost always satisfied with the results. This comment is not a negative comment only an improvement suggestion. I recently had my alignment done at the King Rd shop after having my struts and shocks done. I felt that the alignment was not completed as thoroughly as it should have been. THe car pulled to the right and also had a decent amount of bump steer. I feel that if a mechanic would have driven it after doing the alignment it would have been caught. I reviewed it with the manager and he stated bump steer is normal and aksed me to come back in the morning when the suspension tech would be in. The issue is that I work 7-5 and now my time is being sacrificed. My wife took it to the Monroe street shop and they did a great job a couple days later. Very little bump steer and it drives straight. I am not sure the culprit, faulty equipment, mistake, overlooked, or expereince but I did not feel that my vehicle was serviced at Tireman's usual first time quality job.

Christopher E.
Always satisfied with service. Associates go out of their way to make sure we are taken care of - 5 stars!

Edward R.
Just wanted to pass on that it was an extreme pleasure to do business with your staff at this location. I had scheduled for a Thursday to have tires and an alignment done on my vehicle, but found that I needed to get in a day early and called in the morning to see if they could squeeze me in, which they did without voicing any negative comments, and in fact seemed very happy to get me taken care of. The gentleman that assisted me was Gerry Holman, and he did an exceptional job making me feel that my business was appreciated. I can not say enough about his demeanor and willingness to make my purchase enjoyable. I would also like to comment that this day was very busy for them at this location and it was noted that Gerry was sure to thank one of the techs for staying late to get the influx of customers taken care, so obviously the shop staff goes the extra mile as well. I will definitely be a loyal customer when receiving this level of service.

Jason K.
Read, Eric and Gerry at King and Central are second to none. Their service team does excellent work. I usually work on my own vehicles, but if I don't time, there is no where else I would take my vehicles. They epitomize service with a smile.

Randall B.
I was in the Tire Man on King Rd. sometime during spring/summer of 2012. It was the day that the wind storm came through and uprooted trees and knocked out a bunch of power to the Sylvania/Holland area. My wife had just dropped me off to pick up my car after having it serviced. Shortly after she left, with our three kids, the power went out and I was unable to pay for the service and new windshield wipers that I had just purchased. Knowing that my family was out in that crazy weather, the service representative told me to make sure that my family made it home safe and come back and pay whenever i was able to. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thats how you provide piece of mind!

Randall B.
I went into the Tire Man on King Rd. yesterday, March 14th around 3pm. I had a small trailer tire that had gone flat. I was looking to get the tire filled and leak checked with the hope that I would not have to buy a brand new tire. The gentleman at the service counter took the tire, reseated the bead in the rim, pressurized the tire and leak checked it very quickly. Turns out there was nothing wrong with the tire. I'm not sure how it went flat but I am sure that the guys at Tire Man took care of me and saved me time and money by not having to run around and find a replacement. Excellent work and customer service.

Don C.
I just wanted to give you feedback on the new tires for my wife's Explorer. The guys at your King Rd. location were fantastic. They did a great job and I couldn't have been more pleased with the service, turnaround time and even the performance of the tires. Thanks very much doing such a great job maintaining such a high level of service. I've always had a great experience working with your service centers and I know that's no accident.


Fremont Tireman

1925 W. State Street
Fremont, OH  43420
(419) 332-3261
Linda K.
I have an appointment at 8am tomorrow I won't be able to keep it I will call to re schedule at a different time.The squeak is there but I'm not worried about it at this time. Thank you

Larry R.
Wanted to give Justin Schiavone a big Thank You. He made my day. He took my first experience at Tire Man and made it a thing of the past. He made things right on my second visit. Justin made my second experience a much better. They will be my car guys from now on. I will tell my friends it is a great place to have your car serviced for very fair and reasonable prices. Keep up the great customer service.

Tony H.
Love dealing with the Fremont Tireman! Always professional and exceptional service. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca D.

Erica R.
Morgan was very friendly and helpful. He worked with me on the price and matched a competitors price. My car was fixed in a timely manner. Awesome customer service!

Ben H.
I had my daughter's Jeep into Tireman today because of a tire problem. I was impressed that you honored the warranty on the tire. She received a new tire free of charge. The technicians also checked over the car and found some things that needed attention. I appreciate the great service we received today. Thank you!

Linda K.
Didn't have the tires in stock for my vehicle had to get a little more pricey tire but that's ok they were only about 15$more per tire but that's fine I really like your sales guy he explained all about the warrantee and such . So far it's been a nice visit .

Troy S.
Thanks again!

Blechinger W.
While traveling from Highland, IL to Fremont, OH I hit a pot hole which destroyed the tires side wall. I checked all over the area and no one could help me. I stopped at TIREMAN in Fremont and the store personnel went out of their way to find me a tire that would fit my car when no one else could find a tire anywhere. They expedited the tire delivery to less than 24 hours and had it mounted and ready to go with a minimal of cost. Thanks to all of the employees for helping me out you are A No. 1.

Sue H.
I just wanted to say something today about my visit to the fremont tirman store. See over the weekend my mustangs right front tire decided it didnt want to hold air any lomger, so i had a friend pump it up enough so that i could get it to your establishment in fremont, feating that they would have to schedule me in or at least want me to leave the car. I was shocked when they told me they could take care nof it right now. And was even more shocked when they told me that all it would cost me is ten dollars if they had to take it off they rim (for balancing purposes). Needless to say I was out of there in less than an hour for only the ten dollars with a plug and a patch to nmy tire. The front counter people that i dealt with,with both knowledgable as well as curteous. I will deffinitely be back again, as well as sned other people to them...Thank you for your time as well as this awesome establishment Sue Horvath

Kellan H.
Ive never been so pleased with a car shop. Excellent customer service and understanding. I wouldnt think of going anywhere else for my car needs. Thank you to the gentelmen at Tireman in Fremont, Ohio.

Dave J.
You're service is exceptional! Morgan and the fellas are great. My wife and I have bring bringing our car there for a few years and we love it. Keep up the good work!

Jason K.
I always take my vehicles to Tireman for oil changes. You cant beat the complimentary drinks and free wi-fi while you wait. This last time things were taking a little longer than usual and they replaced some bulbs that were burnt out for free. Great service and great price!

Terry L.
Employee Attitude: Exceptional, Employee Knowledge: Exceptional Quality of Service: Exceptional, Just keep doing what you're doing.

Jim V.
I have written Dave Marrufo a year ago complimenting the Fremont store, and I just called today to do the same thing. I've put tires on both my cars, ailgnments on both cars, oil changes with tire rotations at my Tireman store for the past many year. But, the guys up front meeting the public are more than just friendly and professional. They are like the neighbor across the street that comes over to help you out when you need a hand with something. The men in the shop are prompt, efficient and take good care of your vehicle. The most important comment is they stand behind their work and always make it right... the customer is satisfied. And, in a tough economic time with everyone watching their pennies and nickles SERVICE IS MOST IMPORTANT. They provide it. Thanks to Rick and his team at the Fremont Tireman.


Tireman Monroe, MI (Joe Lake)

1986 N. Telegraph Rd.
Monroe, MI  48162
(734) 241-6686
erica m.
The staff was very helpful and explained things very well. Ron was very kind and helpful as well.

Linda M.
Wonderful experience here... Best price by far and service was great.

Su K.
Amazing Experience!!! We woke up to a flat on one of our motorhome tires. Of course it was the day we were heading back to Central New York. The AAA mechanic that changed the tire recommended Joe Lake Tireman. We called and explained our situation. Archie was terrific. He said there were a few cars ahead of us but that they would try to get us in and out as quickly as possible. True to his word we arrived, met with Archie and then Tony took over. He explained the process and that we would enter the rotation of people right away. Even the customers were saying to take care of us before themselves. Unbelievable and Kind! 35 minutes later we were thanking the staff and on our way. The cost? Minimal-For the balancing only. From the bottom of our hearts thank you. When we got home and met with our tire guy we told him all about your company and service. So as we travel next summer we will keep Tireman in mind should the need arise. Su and Art

Lakiesha N.
I always love the service when I am there.I would recommend everyone to take their car there. I know I will always be a loyal customer.

scott h.
good prices.they will match other places prices. friendly and knowledgeable people.

Lee S.
I would like to say a Big Thank You to Craig, for the fast respond in repairing a flat tire while I was on the side on the Highway. Thank you again,

Dave M.
Thank you Joe Lake Tireman for great service. I called on the phone last week and talked to Tom, I asked him how long the wait was for a oil change rotation. He said he didn't have much going on to bring it right in. He would have me out with-in 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. I then told him my daughter would bring her vehicle in for the service. I asked him what the total would be. He said $19.06 out the door. I said that is great price. so my daughter went in later that day and had the oil change done. I called her when I got off of work and asked her how it went. She then said it went great. She went in and talked with Tom as I directed her to do, and she said she was scared at first but when she walked in the door she was greeted with a friendly greeting and asked to speak with tom. Tom was the one who greeted her. She then told the story of her dad calling and Tom remembered the call. He did as promised changed the oil and rotated the tires in an hour, and sent her on her way. Thanks Tom and the rest of the Joe Lake crew. You made her feel welcome and didn't try to sell a bunch of stuff to a 19 year old girl. Thank you Dave M

Sarah G.
I absolutely love Tireman! My husband is always at work and I was worried they would treat me like most places treat women, but they were completely respectful. They gave me a great deal on 4 NEW tires and they are fixing a few issues on my car now for a great deal! You can't go wrong with Tireman!

Kristian B.
I have been going to Joe Lakes (Tireman) since I was little (with my parents) and almost always get my tires there. Twice now they have helped me with a leak... no charge! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

carl g.
While camping in monroe this summer i had a misfortune of getting a bolt in my rear tire.(unhappy camper)I proceeded to nearest tire store.(luckely tireman). the guy that greeted me at the counter was Archie Cox.(retail sales manager)I asked him if he could repair the tire and the cost!He responded it was free(sill amazes me). whithin minutes thy had my truck in and repaired(awesome service).I was worried about the repair as i was pulling 9000lbs trailer?With much reasurance that it would be ok!!! i was on my way(workmanship guarantee with reciept)KUDOS'TO YOU TIREMEN!!!!You made my wife and i happy campers!!!ps it was nice haveing conversation with you while truck was being repaired! you are not too far from home here and i will most definately be back!(not for bolts in tires?)Carl&Annabel Grant.Ontario Canada

Sarah G.

Michle L.

Tommy F.
Just wanted to pass along what a great job the monroe store does everytime i need vehicle or mower tires. I am amazed at the level of service and quality i get ever time i need service or rubber. Just wanted to make sure they are recognized for the job they do. thanks

Dennis B.
Allways a good deal , they beat everybody by $150 on 4 new tires this time!

Tim N.
Joe Lake staff is always great! Best place to get service in Monroe.


Millar's Tireman Bay City

701 N. Euclid
Bay City, MI  48706
(989) 684-2411
Blair M.
good service

Harry S.


Findlay Tireman

2210 Tiffin Avenue
Findlay, OH  45840
(419) 421-8700
Gene T.
Hi, Wanted to thank you guys at Tireman, especially Nate Luzader, who helped us on a Saturday morning while we were on vacation. We had a slow leak in one of our tires, and the staff at Tireman fitted us in to get our tire repaired in one hour, allowing us to continue on our trip. They took the extra steps to make sure that we were well taken care of. Thank you all for your help. Gene Ton

Ronald B.
I want to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that Tireman exists in Findlay OH. I have visited Tireman for tire replacement, battery charging issues, brake noises, other misc items and my latest trip leaking under my car. Nothing is worse than having a misbehaving car on a day when you really need it. The Findlay guys (especially this morning at 7:30 am 4/6/18). EVERY time I have visited these guys are great. Stressed out customer, needs car, and they always come through. Tireman is my GOTO place for auto needs. Its hard to find a place where you can go and trust that you will treated fairly and in a timely manner. This Findlay Tireman is THE BEST.

william s.
Will you be offering any incentives on Michelin tire in the near future? Costco is starting an $80 rebate on four tires starting this coming Friday Thanks Bill

Katie O.
I had amazing service at Tireman on Saturday afternoon. I damaged two of my tires while driving to an out of town wedding, and needed a tire change fast in order to make it to the ceremony. I called Tireman and they were able to install two new tires, quickly in time for us to make it to the event. The entire process, from the time I called the shop until the time I was driving away with two new tires, took under 90 minutes. Our salesperson (I believe his name was Eric) was extremely helpful and friendly. And he even gave us a small discount. I would highly recommend Tireman.

Tara R.
Took 1 hour and a half, for oil change and tire rotation, I don't think the tire rotation was ever done because the same tire that had a mark on the rim is in the same place it was.

kelly l.
The tire installer was great today did my tires and left no finger marks on my truck.The tire is great they have that bad ass look.Thanks a lot GREAT WORK

Jolyn S.
I would like to thank Eric assistant manger and Matt manager for making things right. I appreciate everything you did for my son in replacing his tires. Thank you for the wonderful customer service that you offered. They were done on Christmas Eve,due to scheduling conflicts with my son's schedule. Thank you. I will be a loyal customer for years to come. I will tell everyone. Thanks again!

John C.
Hello! I did talk to a representative the other day and I apologize for not recalling his name. He was very helpful. My original contact was concerning a Michelin Tire rebate dating back to June of 2015. I did not receive it and this gentleman provided me with a prompt response and details of communicating with Michelin. I mentioned that I would let him know how it turned out. I'm pleased to report, Michelin informed me, they will make good on the rebate! Apparently it had been mailed out but returned as "not deliverable". So, all is well and I thank you for your assistance! My sister and her husband live in Findlay and I visit at least once a year. As long as I am able I will schedule any tire replacement at your dealership. I'm spreading the word of how impressed I am with TireMan of Findlay. Thanks again. Best, John Clifford

Ben D.
The guys did an awesome job. Had my vehicle back in record time. Service was excellent, both when I came out to price the tires, and when I returned to have the work done.

Chad A.
Looking for the best price on 4 225/55R19 for a 2012 dodge journey crew. Vet discount. Ems discount? I have bought several sets from you

Terrence M.
After blowing a tire on I-75 late this afternoon, Robert at Dick's Towing suggested heading to the Findlay Tireman. Tina wrote me up and the guys had me fixed and ready to travel again by the end of the business day. Thanks Tina and Findlay Tireman for resolving my tire emergency without delay!!!

Juli S.
I have had a leaking tire for at least six months now. I had taken my Dodge Grand Caravan to a tire store in Findlay, Ohio to repair the leak. Both times, the auto shop told me that there was no leak, and nothing puncturing the tire. My tire continued to leak, so I took my van into Tireman in Findlay Ohio and within 20 seconds, they were able to find the piece of metal puncturing my tire, and causing the leak. They were able to remove it and repair the tire! I couldn't be more pleased and satisfied with the service I received from this store location.

christopher r.
my husband was stranded on hwy 23 and went to your store and bought 4new tires they put one on the rim so he could get the truck to the store to get the other three put on the guys at the store stayed late to make sure my husband could get back on the road, they even took the other tire off to clean it, my husband and i want to thank the guys that went above and beyond for him

Todd D.
Excellent service and very professional. I had very good luck with them on tire purchase and a tire repair. I would recommend them to anyone.

Todd D.
I had got a set of tires for my trailblazer in February. Had excellent service then and I took a tire from that set in last night to get repaired as I had a small hole in it from hitting debris on the interstate yesterday morning. I had excellent service again and they were very professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Larry L.
Great folks always going the extra mile. I bring all my cars here to be fixed. Its great to find someone who doesn't try to nickel and dime you to death. I am so glad your in town.

John S.
Thanks to all the guys for a great job and for answering my questions about price match and all related questions. Still number one !!!

Jamie F.
The staff was very nice and helpfull. They went above and beyond what I expected to make sure we got what we needed and was happy. I will recommend this store to anyone that is looking for auto service.

brandon w.

David D.
I was impressed with the free tire repair although the $10 charge to balance the tire was a bit excessive and appeared to make up for the free repair (not really free). The rebuild of the valve stem sensor was excellent as well as the charge. If there were any tireman stores located in New England I would become a customer. Thanks for the good service. DAD

Jessica E.
There's a reason Tireman is always busy - they're the best in town! They have great customer service and greet me by name when I walk in. They are great at what they do and they're the only ones that I trust with my car's maintenance. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable service center.

James H.

Bradley W.
I'm happy so far with the tires, my complaint is that I scheduled my appointment for 11am on 3-7-14 online. I received a call at 930am saying that time was already taken and I would have to wail until 4pm. I understand accidents happen but that messed up my plans for the day. My only day off work for the week. I dropped my car off at 4 like I was instructed to and was told it would be roughly one and a half hours. I returned at 5pm to check on the progress to find it had not even been taken inside yet. I did not receive my car until almost 630. I plan on returning in the future but if this should happen again then you will loose a customer .

wes a.
nothing to say

Brenda B.
Very happy with the service's that I have received at the Findlay Tireman store. Very reasonable priced and would recommend to family & friends. Kind & professional staff at this location

Haley M.
I was extremely satisfied with my first visit to Tire Man. As a 27 year old woman, I am constantly being "sold" on things I do not really need or I am told something inaccurate about my car in hopes of an upsell. I was very happy with the guy who took care of me and his attitude towards my purchase and I also didn't leave there feeling "sold." They let me know I will need new brake pads/rotors very soon. I will return within the month to have the new brake pads and rotors put on because my first experience went so well. Good work!

Mary H.
Very pleasant to work with and knowledgeable and friendly service WOULD take any thing to them Will return for there service

Kaitlynn P.
I went to tireman over this past weekend to have them look at a tire that had recently gone flat. Not only did they offer great customer service, but they did an amazing job with my car and offered great prices for the repair. I would definitely reccomend them to any one of my friends or family.

Michael K.
Just before Christmas I had a flat tire on my Mercedes vehicle. In a rush Tireman was suggested as the only open service location that could handle the low profile tires. Erik Jorris was the person that helped me. Findlay location was so busy that Erik said it would be next Wednesday before he could get me an appointment. I explained that I was in a hurry, needed to leave town that day and in short I just plain hounded him. Soon he said he would squeeze me in and might be done right at closing time or shortly there after. Imagine my surprise and appreciation that by just a little after 3:00 my car was road worthy once again. I am the first person to complain about poor service, BUT I also am the first to compliment. In this case Mr. Erik Jorris has made a future customer of me. He was more than courteous, friendly, pleasant and helped me out of a situation that has Tireman earning my future business. I request that information be passed on to Customer Service department and also please make Mr. Jorris aware that for at least once a customer has taken the time to thank both him and your company.

Paul H.
Johnny (Sorry I lost his card so do not know his last name) helped us out at closing time on Friday night with not so much as a wink of the eye. They were very courteous, not put out at all, and VERY fast. I had met my daughter, who is a college student at BG, to give her a few things she needed from home. It was just going to be a quick exchange and then she would return to BG and me to my home in Anna, Ohio. As we made the exchange I noticed a screw sticking out of the sidewall of her back driver's side tire. This was about 6:35 and we were at Denny's parking lot across town from Tireman. We went to the Wal-Mart tire store first, I explained the situation, and they said they were too busy and could not help us. I called Tireman and Johnny told me to get there as quickly as we could and he would wait on us. We did. He was waiting with two guys to take care of my daughter's car. By the time I finished the paperwork with Johnny, the guys had the tire done and we were on our way! I am TOTALLY impressed. Johnny could of very easily said I am sorry, we are closing and did not help. He listened. He cared enough to help. He made me a Tireman believer! What a GREAT employee for your store to have. I will share this story with many! Paul

Stacy D.
I just wanted to express my most sincere appreciation to you, your company, and your associates at the Findlay, OH branch. I believe in giving 'at-a-boys when credit is due, and I feel that this is one of those times. I recent filled the beads with grass and dirt on two of my ATV tires, and decided to get them repaired prior to taking my machine trail riding in WV. I visited the Findlay branch, and asked to have them repaired. I was promptly asked to drop of the tires at one of the service doors. I asked if they needed my information, and the associate said "No, not necessary...are you going to come back and pick them up later?". I explained that I'd be back later in the day. I found it a little odd, and found myself a little apprehensive thinking "Oh great! I just gave away a set of tires I will never see again!". Ha..funny how today's screwed up society has us rocked on our heels with paranoia. I came back later in the day, and was greeted by that very same associate who asked me to pull around to the door as my tires were done. I pulled around, and he met me at the door with my tires. I popped the lift gate and he loaded them for me. He quickly said, "Ok, you're all set!". I said "What do I owe you?". He said, "Nothing, you're good to go!". I argued with him for a while, but to no avail. I thanked him with probably the most sincere thanks that I've handed out in a long time. I drove away thinking that I'd just experienced the closest thing to do doing business with a handshake that I'd ever experience. I was dumbfounded and appreciative all at the same time. Anyway that I look at it, I want you and your associates to realize that you've earned a long-term customer who will be sure to share my experience with others. I also want you to realize that NO commercial, NO newspaper advertisement, NO flyer, and NO gimmick can EVER replace my experience, and will never carry the weight of honest to goodness word of mouth advertising. You've rebuilt some of the most important business traits that our country was founded on. We've all forgotten that trust, loyalty, value, and old fashioned customer service are what made great businesses successful. Thank you, and please pass along my thoughts to all of your team! Keep up the great work!

Ray E.
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Fair prices and quick service. Highly recommended.


Tireman Defiance Nelson & Bob's

1723 Upton St
Defiance, OH  43512
(419) 782-8821
kathy s.

Roger B.
Thanks to Scott and the staff for taking care of my mothers needs

Roger B.
The Staff at Nelson & Bob's are a pleasure to work with and I have had noting but a positive outcome from there service, And they took care of my Mothers needs with her car too. Thanks

Edward B.
I had a great experience as usual. They got me in right at the appointment time and the service took an acceptable amount of time for the services provided. However my one hesitation with giving a 5-star rating is that I had to ask for information regarding the vehicle. I thought I remembered the mention of brakes when I previously brought the vehicle in and had I not asked, I would not have been informed that they were down to approximately 1mm thickness;Indicating immediate action is required to maintain a safe ability to stop.

Barbara M.
They always do a great job!

E S.
I always get reliable and very friendly service from all of the staff.

Keith F.
Just had new ball joints and tires on my 2002 Trailblazer, Fast service, well informed of repairs, and it drives so much better. Handles better then before, rides better.

Steven H.
My first experience with tireman Defiance was a very pleasant one. Scott, helped me with new tire selection sharing his knowledge and answering my questions. It didn't take me long to decide this was the place I wanted to do business with. They even came to my work place across town to pick up and deliver my car. Jeff, who oversees mechanical work called me to advise me of a problem he saw on my car and gave me an instant price to fix, along with telling me a front end alignment should be done. A young lady was pleasant and friendly when I stopped by to pay for services. So this made a frustrating ordeal rather pleasant. Thanks Tireman Defiance!!!

Eric Y.
I was looking for a good set of replacement tires for my girlfriends G6,and found some good prices online,and when I checked the prices at Nelson & Bob's I found that they were very comparable,so I called and spent considerable time on the phone with Scott,who was very helpful in getting me the tires I needed,and a fair deal too! very happy with the service! this makes the second vehicle that I've equipped with tires in the last 6 months at Nelson & Bob's and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their business or to use them in the future.


Tireman Oregon

3608 Navarre Avenue
Oregon, OH  43616
(419) 698-1863
Aaron B.
Excellent customer service and friendly helpful employees.

Roger D.
They know what they are doing.

nicole c.
I had an issue with one of my 3 tires under warranty (nail in the tire) and also needed a 4th tire. while I was there I thought the oil change price looked good, so got an oil change and some windshield wipers also. The guy at the counter was named Curtis, and he was amazing! He kept in contact with me while the car was at the shop. He even resolved an issue for me the same night. I was so impressed! thanks Tireman and thanks Curtis!

rick/elliott/randy always treat me great! i probably spend 10,000 to 15,000 at this location a year and every time i have been in there they explain everything to me and always call before doing additional work and usually give me a decent break in the price ( I feel ). great store with great employees!

Ed B.
Oregon Oh location. Steve, good man. Very helpful

Bret H.
The Tireman in Oregon did a great job and quick turnaround on my car with an oil change and tire rotation along with a banging in my engine area. They fixed it quickly at no charge with a simple loose bolt. Thank you!

Hiram C.
I commend you staff for the level of service they provide and the issues they have helped resolve over the years with my vehicles. Your team at Oregon, Ohio deserves a pat on the back for there customer service, especially Randy!!

Phillip L.

Jodi E.
I just wanted to let Rick and the mechanics at Tireman know how good of a job they did. I didn't realize how hard it was to turn my steering wheel until after they inspected my car, found a problem and fixed it. They were incredibly polite, patient and informative. They did a great job and I appreciated their honesty. Nothing better than having a mechanic you can trust. I will definitely recommend them and will be going back. Thanks Tireman!!!

Ryan S.
I would like to take the time to commend Tireman Oregon and its staff for a professional, customer friendly, honorable, and continous quest for customer satisfaction. I would like to especially thank Rick Lindell and his tireless efforts to make a wrong a right. To make a long story short, Tireman Oregon stood behind their customer service and that is why I will continue to bring both of my vehicles there for oil changes, tire roations, tires, and brake jobs. I will continue to do my part in letting friends and family know that the only place to go for vehicle maintenance is Tireman. Again I would like to thank Rick Lindell and his staff for excellent service and I am grateful that a company such as yours still values customer service, honesty, and integrity. Those are qualities that aren't seen very often anymore!


Norm's Tireman

410 Beck St
Jonesville, MI  49250
(517) 849-2714
Myrna B.
I went to your newly acquired location, Norm's Tireman and had my tired rotated. I was very happy to see you still had the same people working for you. Jackie is top notch and so is Jerry. I have been going to this location for years when Norman Ladd owned the business. What I am hoping is you will consider fixing the parking lot, at least in front of the building, because so much dirt is being tracked into the waiting location. Also I am hoping you maintain the same honesty and quality workmanship that has been a mainstay of the business for years. Sometimes when new owners buy a business they try and change everything and I can tell you in an area such as Hillsdale County that does not work. I have seen several businesses that came into the area, made major changes, and they are no longer here. This is unfortunate but we get to know those such as Norm Ladd (sadly he is deceased) and continue dealing with them for years. Thank you for letting me offer my opinion and hope to see some positive changes regarding the driveway. I know asphalting is expensive but there are alternatives.


Downtown Tireman

1618 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH  43604
Rick B.
Excellent service. In short, my check-engine light was on, and the initiial, computerized diagnosis was that I needed a new catalytic converter. Big bucks. But while looking at the car under the lift, the mechanics noticed that it was an exhaust leak that was actually triggering the oxygen sensor and, in turn, the check-engine light. Dan was kind enough to explain this to me and offer to repair the exhaust leak for about a third of the price of a new catalytic converter. I of course authorized the repair, and the car was ready for me to pick up later that day. Hats off to Dan other mechanics for their candor and for professionalism.


Adrian Tireman

205 E US Hwy 223
Adrian, MI  49221
(517) 265-8473
Andre A.
Took my truck here on a Saturday morning after getting an estimate from another mechanic for a loud knocking noise near my alternator. the other place couldn't get to it until Tues. Tireman identified the problem and it was fixed in an hour.. for a lot less than the other mechanics estimate, which made my day..very professional and courteous staff. I have no problem using mechanical services here and would recommend anyone that needs service to give them a try as the best advertisement is word of mouth. thanks again to the mechanic Dennis.

Daniel M.
Did a great job. Didn't pressure my girlfriend into buying extra unneeded products,

Monica C.
Excellent service! You guys rock!!! Thanks for everything!

Megan S.
Took my car in today for tires. Those guys found other issues I had suspected and got my car fixed up. Very nice, courteous, and fast for the work they had to do. Will definitely return and recommend to others.

Your service reps provided good customer service to me. Their service was courtious, fast, timely, and fair cost! I am very pleased! Thank you. Lambert Rosenbaum

Skylar P.
I would recommend this location to anyone! From the managers to the mechanics, the staff was so friendly and made sure I got the services I needed! Prices were the lowest I've seen yet and the service was the highest quality I've experienced thus far. I will definitely be using Adrian Tire man for all my vehicle needs that they offer.

Melanie P.
I am 61 years old. I bought 4 new tires, and this was the best service I have ever had .......

John K.
Took truck in for oil change and was happy with the service. The only thing I found disappointing was not haveing free WiFi in waiting area.

Penny H.

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